Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miner's Golden Ale

Sorry Pilsner fans, we are out until mid June. We sold the last batch in 13 days and the lagers take at least 45 days to ferment and condition. So, instead of releasing a Pilsner that is much too young we quickly brewed a golden ale to satisfy those who seek a lighter style ale.

It is what we are referring to as an American Bitter. Brewed in the spirit of English Bitters, a session ale that is easy to drink but still retains a lot of flavor. The main difference is it is made from American hops and malt and fermented with an American ale yeast. At 4% ABV several can be consumed without over imbibing yet there is enough flavor to elevate it above a typical golden ale.

It is finished with 11 lbs of Crystal hops and then dry hopped with 13 more pounds in the serving tank. Crystal hops have a subtle citrus and eucalyptus aroma adding a delicate fragrant note to the beer. The aroma will continue to change (and increase) the longer the beer rests on the hops.

I hope you enjoy it, there is only one batch and then we will return to serving Pilsner.

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