Saturday, June 21, 2008

Should You Drink With Your Kids?

Time magazine has published a well written piece proposing drinking with your kids. Let's pause here to eliminate any knee jerk outrage about this idea. What Time is discussing is not binge drinking with your kids. It is about having a glass or wine or beer with dinner, not sucking down a twelve pack.

Having just become a father this year this is something that I have given great thought about. I have always advocated drinking at home with the family, it seemed to make sense to demystify alcohol and teach teenagers acceptable drinking practices. Who do I want to teach my daughter to drink? Certainly not some frat boy with questionable intentions.

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Anonymous said...

Great concept - teach 'social' drinking from within the family rather than in the greater society. Just visited France with our kids and our 15 year old daughter was offered wine at several resauarants and with friends as a matter of convention. If we instill respect and appreciation for alcohol at a young age, our culture can keep from becoming one of wretched excess.