Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pint Nights

One of the new events we will be holding at Sac Brew are "pint night" promotions where we feature one brewery's beers for an evening. Usually this will involve a sampler set ranging from 4-8 beers and a full pint in that brewery's logo glass, which you get to keep.

Our first pint night is this Wednesday January 21st with Firestone Walker Brewing Company. We will be pouring Double Barrel Ale (DBA), Pale 31, Union Jack, and Walker's Reserve Porter. Four - 4 ounce samples of each beer, a full pint of any of the four and a Firestone Walker pint glass for you to keep will cost $13. Then $4 refills of Firestone beers all night.

In addition there will be a Cask of Nectar IPA on a beer engine available in pints and half pints.

As an aside, we did have a 21st Amendment Pint night scheduled for the 28th of January but we needed to reschedule that event. We are talking with the guys from 21A and will set a date in March soon.

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