Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb 16th: Firestone Walker Returns!

Join us on Monday February 16th for a night of Real Ale with Firestone Walker Brewing Company. We are serving TWO casks of their beer: Union Jack IPA and 100% barrel fermented DBA. We will tap the casks at 11:00 am and serve them until they are gone!

Cask ale is very different from draft ale and contrary to popular American belief cask beers are NOT "warm and flat." Casks are served at cellar temperature, about 55 degrees, and while they do have a lighter carbonation they are not flat. The other main difference is the special beer engines used to dispense them do not rely on CO2 to serve the beer like a keg does. The beer is drawn out using a pump and is served through a sparkler creating a rich whipped cream like head and a very fine bubble.

Pints are $4.75, Half Pints $3.50 and if you didn't get a FSW logo glass at their last pint night you can get one full of FSW beer for $5.75 while supplies last.

If you are not familiar with Firestone's brewing process they ferment a portion of DBA in American Oak barrels in what is called a "Union System." It is a series of 60 gallon oak barrels that are all linked together. This oak fermented beer is then blended into an all stainless fermented batch of DBA to add complexity. The cask that we will be serving is straight out of the barrels, so it will be a very different experience that the DBA you are used to.

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