Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pappy is Here...

We have released our first beer from our barrel aging program today at our Town and Country location. Old Pappy California Wheat Wine is a wheat wine style ale, much like a barleywine but with 50% wheat, that has been aged in 23 year old bourbon barrels. The beer itself has a deep caramel richness with just enough bitterness to balance. The bourbon barrels imparted a nice coconut, vanilla and pineapple note in the beer that has integrated nicely to form a complex and cohesive strong ale. It is 13.0% abv and does show some of the alcohol but not in a bad way. Just enough to remind you how strong it is.

You can get a 9 oz brandy snifter full of it for $3.75 but there is a limit of two per customer per day. No growlers but fear not, bottles are in the works.

Check out pictures of filling the barrels here if you are interested. (Courtesy of Rick Sellers from DRAFT and Pacific Brew News)


The Chadd said...

Pouring at both locations, right? I am taking my lady on a "date night" of dinner and dominoes at Sac Brew tonight. She'll never know my underlying motive!

Peter Hoey said...

It is at Town & Country now and will be at the Oasis by 5:30 today.

The Chadd said...

Bravo Peter! Simply an impressive wheat wine! I let it warm up a little and the balance is impressive. Can't wait to sit on a few bottles for a VERY long time. Guess it'll be a good month or so with the label approval.


Randy Burleson said...

I just tried this a few weeks ago on my visit to Sacrament from Oklahoma City.... WOW! Old Pappy is Awesome..
truly an inspiration. I would love to try to brew a small batch at home!
Could you share a scaled down recipe for homebrewers? 5 gal or 10 gal batch? Kudos Peter! I wish Sacramento Brewing was my neighborhood bar, I'd be there quite often!