Sunday, July 12, 2009

Basic Brewing Sour Preview

Last month I was interviewed at the the National Homebrewers' Conference by James and Steve at Basic Brewing. They run a website and podcast (video and audio podcasts) focused on making better beer at home so if you are a beginning or advanced homebrewer or just want to learn more about beer check out their site.

I decided to bring the first release from our sour beer project to the tasting. We named it Beersel after the city where our sour culture came from and this particular batch also had some tart cherries added to the barrel. The beer had spend 16 months aging in barrels with brettanomyces, lactobacillus and pediococus and this was the first sample available for public tasting. It has a nice sharp sourness with a plesant earthy and spicy character from the brett. Just a touch of acetic acid (vinegar) but not overwhelming and a mild cherry finish. I expect the beer to be available in mid August at the brewery.

You can see the video here. There is also a great interview with Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing at the end about brewing with out using hops as well as great advice for professional and homebrewers alike.


Daniel said...

Hi Peter,

I reviewed your brett blonde for my blog
Is it still called Beersel?

Peter Hoey said...

No those are different beers. Beersel is a 18 month old barrel fermented sour beer with brett and lacto.

The Brett Blond is our Abbey Single Ale that was innoculated with brett after primary fermentation. Brett aroma and flavor with minimal sourness.

Daniel said...

Awesome. Abbey Single. Gotcha. Yeah, that beer hits my spot.

Abel said...

When do you suppose we will see this beer on tap?

Peter Hoey said...

Probably be released in early October.