Monday, July 13, 2009

Updated List for IPApalooza

The updated list for IPApalooza '09
Wendesday, July 22nd 2009 ALL DAY

Auburn Alehouse - Gold Digger IPA, Un-Obtanium Double IPA
Bear Republic - Racer 5, Racer X
Deschutes - Red Chair IPA
Fifty Fifty - Rockslide IPA
Firestone Walker - Union Jack & Double Jack
Flying Dog - Double Dog
Great Basin Brewing - Ichthyosaur IPA
Green Flash - Imperial IPA
Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid & IPA
Marin Brewing Company - IPA
Moonlight Brewing Company - Bombay by Boat IPA
Moylan's - Hopsickle (unfiltered!) & Moylander Double IPA
Rubicon - IPA
Russian River - Pliny the Elder & Blind Pig IPA
Sac Brew - IPA, Independence IPA, Half Pint Double IPA, & Abbey IPA
Sierra Nevada - Torpedo Extra IPA
Stone - Ruination & 13th Anniversary Ale
Valley Brew - Uberhoppy


soberment said...

Peter...... Any word on products from Stevenson Washington being part of the show next week??

Peter Hoey said...

That is a negative. Maybe later this year.

Abel Gomez said...

Is there a set fee to try all the IPA's, or are you guys just selling a ton of IPA's as guest beers?

Would you expect most the sought after IPA's (Racer x, Double Jack) to be sold out by evening time?

Also, would reservations be necessary?

Just curious because I plan on showing up with a few buddies.

Peter Hoey said...

Every beer will be available in tasting glasses and there will be tasting flights available but no set price to try them all.

I suspect there will be some beers that we run out of that day. Reservations probably will not be necessary but wouldn't hurt, we are expecting to be very busy that day.

Chris said...

Thanks for putting on the IPApalooza! The beers and food were great. I enjoyed finally getting to taste some of the IPAs fresh. They definitely aren't the same when they've been sitting on a store shelf for a while. All of them were great, but I particularly enjoyed Sac Brewing's Independence IPA. Good stuff there!