Monday, April 28, 2008

The Brewing Network

Last night I did an interview on The Brewing Network about single hop beers and our new barrel program. You can check out the audio here in case you missed it. While you are there check out some of the archived shows, there is a wealth of knowledge from beer experts (and JP) about brewing, tasting, and appreciating craft beer.

Sean Paxton joins the conversation to talk about our barrel project and Jamil Zainasheff stops in for a bit early in the show.


BrewTa2 said...

I enjoyed your appearance on The Session. Thanks for taking the time to be there! Also, thanks for donating the prizes. The Imperial Stout shirt looks great!


Lee Koehler said...

I just listened to the show from the BN archive - it was great. Thanks for doing the show. Too bad I can't get Sac Brew beer in Nashville; I'd love to try some.