Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Session: Beer People

The April Session is hosted by Stonch's Beer Blog.

One thing I really love about this industry is that there are so many good people who are brewers, publicans, owners, chefs, patrons and writers. Many good friendships I have developed over the years started with a call to another brewer asking to borrow yeast or get advice on brewing techniques. Others sprung from mutual love of great beer. All these relationships are connected by the brewing industry and I am fortunate to be a part of it.

One friend I made in the industry is Rick Sellers. He produces a podcast and blog for the Pacific Brew News and his passion for beer and skill with the pen garnered the attention DRAFT Magazine where he is now director of beer content. He is now fortunate to be able to make a living in the industry he loves.

He continues to blog in addition to his duties for the magazine and does a great job of keeping beer fans in Northern California updated on events, news, legal issues or even just musings about beer. Part activist, part enthusiast and part social commentator his blog helps raise awareness of the good in our industry and helps ward off those who wish to do it harm.

I first met him when I held an organic beer tasting at my house and noticed he had a particularly sharp pallet. He is based in Sacramento so I can often find him and his wife Tracy in our local brewpubs, beer bars, beer centric events and sometimes at surprise birthday parties. We have been able to get to know one another through our common interest in beer.

Rick is someone I love to drink beer with because while he has his favorites he is not limited to all IPAs, Belgian Ales or Imperial Stouts. He appreciates nuance just as much as blunt hop force. He has a beautiful way or articulating flavors and aromas in ways a lesser experienced beer drinker can grasp and understand. This skill has been something I have been trying to incorporate into my own descriptions for our pub, writing this blog and when talking to customers.

Rick stopped by Wednesday morning to help me fill our bourbon barrels full of Old Pappy California Wheat Wine. He came camera in hand as he often does, to take some pictures of the days work. You can check out his shots of the procedure here. He is the kind of guy I would welcome into my brewery any day, a fantastic ambassador for craft beer and a great friend. I am glad that my first blog for The Session was to recognize Rick and his contributions to this industry.

UPDATE: Here is the roundup of all the posts.

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