Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brewhouse Lager

Our new beer, Brewhouse Lager, is now online at Town & Country and will be at the Oasis later this week. It is a Munich Light style, very pale and dry with a low hop aroma and bitterness. It is made with all malt, meaning no rice or corn, so it has a bit more body that your typical light lager. The low alcohol and smooth finish make it the ideal beer for finishing out this hot Sacramento summer.

Brewhouse Lager is based on a homebrew recipe that I used to make before becoming a professional brewer that originated from Greg Noonan's book New Brewing Lager Beer. If you are a homebrewer and don't own that book go get it, it is a great resource. I brewed this beer every summer and it made for a great thirst quencher while I was waiting tables and making coffee drinks trying to crack into the world of professional brewing.

So if I may go on a tangent for a minute, I have a new pet peeve which is part of the reason why we named this beer what we did. I am tired of bars calling themselves brewhouses. According to Webster the definition of a brewhouse is:


n.1.A house or building appropriated to brewing; a brewery.

This really hit home for me when a bar adjacent to the main stage at the California State Fair claimed to be a brewhouse. It was essentially a stand that sold macroswill and one or two craft beers. That example is illustrative of places that have been irking me. They typically have a modest (but not good) selection of beer and NEVER have a brewery on site. They are NOT breweries they are BARS. It just seems to be the hip thing to do right now but for the love of Pete stop calling yourself a brewhouse if you don't make your own beer!!!

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