Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oktoberfest Party

We are having an Oktoberfest Party on Saturday October 18th all day long at our Town & Country location. The cool news (from the brewery perspective) is that we will have 8 house brewed German style ales and lagers being served up that day! Here is the current list:

Brewhouse Lager - Munich Light Lager
Hefeweizen - Our German Style Unfiltered Wheat Beer
Kellerbier - Unfiltered Munich Light right off the fermenter
Sprockets Pilsner - German Style Pilsner
Luna de Miel - Vienna Style Lager
Oktoberfest - The Beer the Fest is Named After, an Amber Lager
Dusseldorf Alt - A Copper German Ale
Traditional Bock - A Dark German Lager

More details to follow but you can expect a big tent, lots of sausages and of course...BIER!

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