Sunday, September 28, 2008

River Otter Ale

The last of the River Otter Ale is out of the serving tank and into kegs. We are discontinuing that beer to make room for increased production of our other year round brews and increased variety of Brewer's specials. As I write this it has been pulled from our Town & Country location and the last 7 kegs will get drained at the Oasis. If you still want a keg we can get it for you for a short time but when they are gone they are gone!

In the meantime we will not be replacing it with another pale ale per se although some of the brewers' specials planned are pale ales. We have a glut of German beers for our Oktoberfest party that will be taking up the taps for a while. More on that later...

1 comment:

Dan Scott said...

Good, this was always my least favorite of your selections. Onward to new brews!